Friday, December 16, 2016

How to Have a Clean and Organized Holiday Season

It’s just over a week to Christmas and your to-do list is probably longer than the hours in the day.  Check out Realty Times’ advice for a keeping your house clean and organized through the holiday season.

The first step is to prioritize holiday activities and events.  Plan time into your schedule to do the most important activities, which can include shopping for food and gifts, decorating your house, and cleaning the house.  There can be so many invitations this time of year, don’t be afraid to say no sometimes so you can breathe and enjoy the season.

Making an inventory of your decorations can help you make sure you have what you need.  Before you put the decorations away at the end of the year, make a list of what you need to replace because it’s broken or you’re just tired of it. Also, make a list of what you need to store everything so it will be in tip top shape for next year.

You don’t have to do it all by yourself!  Get the family involved in your holiday to-do list.  Delegate tasks to each family member from putting up the tree to making sure music is playing when guests come over.  Other tasks to outsource:  decorating the Christmas tree, decorating the rest of the house, shopping for wrapping supplies, cleaning the house, preparing dishes, putting up outdoor decorations, and sweeping the path and driveway before guests come over.  

Want to truly give yourself a holiday gift?  Hire a cleaning service to come get your house in tip-top shape while you get some shopping done.  Also, new gifts will be coming in, so this is a perfect time to go through what you have and de-clutter, especially in the kid’s rooms, before the presents start piling up.

Wrapping paper can cause a mess, so be prepared by establishing a bin to put all the wrapping, ribbon, and bows in before you start opening presents.  

Don’t forget to make time to spend with your immediate family relaxing.  Rather than watching television, curl up in front of the fire in the glow of the tree and read a book or have a game night.  

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