Monday, July 11, 2016

Tech is Hot in Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is where the action is, and tech companies, after years of locating their offices in the hills of Loop 360, are coming back to downtown Austin.  The goal is attracting and retaining young workers interested in working and living in apartments downtown, as reported by the Austin American Statesman.

Many technology companies have moved to the center of the city in the last two years, including BigCommerce, who has seen a huge increase in the quality of life for their employees who can now walk to work, rather than spending  45 minutes commuting to BigCommerce's north Austin office.  

The tech industry has a huge impact on the Austin economy as a whole.  8.77 percent of the workforce in Austin is directly employed in a technology job, a factor which led to Sunguard Availability Services ranking the city as first in the nation for startups.

According to Silicon Hills, Facebook is currently in the process of quadrupling the space at its Austin office at 300 W. Sixth and Google will be leasing 200,000 square feet in the 29-story office tower under construction in the Seaholm District.  

The Seaholm District is also home to another tech company, Under Armour, who develops and tests its fitness-related tech devices and software next door to Trader Joe’s.  The Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail serves as a convenient real-world place to run the new technologies through their paces.  

All these new tech workers need downtown apartments to live in and the number of choices is constantly growing.  Downtown Austin rents start at around $1500 and up, but include lots of amenities like rooftop pools, dog parks, bike racks, and of course the all important ability to walk to work.  An apartment locator knows vacancies and move-in specials at all the best apartments downtown and beyond.  

If paying $1500 in rent scares you, consider other ways you can save money so you can have your dream.  Downtown living doesn’t require a car, so you can save hundreds of dollars a month on a car payment and insurance.  You could also consider taking on a roommate or finding a unit with less square footage, but a more efficient layout.  

Other less-expensive options include living slightly east, (like in the East Riverside-Oltorf Neighborhood), or south of downtown and biking to work.  With the new Boardwalk and extension of the trail to East Austin, there are more choices than ever for living close to downtown and the hike and bike trail.  Give A Plus Apartments Apartment Locators a call today at 512-222-5383 to explore all your options for downtown and near downtown living!