Friday, June 24, 2016

Finding an Apartment in Austin: Learn About the Area

For most of us, moving is a big deal. Whether you are moving for career, family, or just a change, it takes time and effort to plan and execute a successful move. But sometimes it’s hard to know how to go about it, or where to start the process. Fortunately, with the advent of the digital age, you can do a lot of the necessary research and pre-planning, prior to your move. What’s more, apartment locators and realtor agents are your allies in finding the right location and home. But before you look for the right apartment, you should first do some general research of the city or areas of town that you might consider moving to. In this post, we discuss some helpful ways to start your research of learning about the different areas of town. Once you’ve gotten a general feel for the city, make sure you then contact one of our agents who can help you in the next step of finding the perfect home, in your perfect area and location!

Moving Sites
One of the great things about the internet is that anyone who has the time and the desire can offer their input and advice to those who are searching. Of course, not all advice is equal on the internet, and looking through random forums can be exhausting, at best! So, here are a couple websites run by local Austinites that are devoted to the topic of moving to this city.
First up is the very appropriately named Move to Austin site. This fairly expansive website is run by an Austin local who moved to the area some years back and who has been able to compile much of her wealth of information to share with other new-comers. The site has links to pages discussing neighborhoods, schools, and entertainment. There are also links to various places and spaces to view online. As with many things online, it comes from one person's perspective, but it’s still an excellent resource for initial research on moving to Austin!
Another site that offers a range of discussion on all things related to moving to this town, is the Austin Relocation Guide. Like the previous site, they have pages covering things to do, housing, jobs, healthcare, and getting settled. They also have an active blog that includes local headlines and information about the city as it relates to those moving here. As with the other site, the best feature they both share in common is their discussions of Austin area neighborhoods. They are able to roughly break them down, and give a brief articulation of what they are generally like.

Next, you might check out some blogs of local Austinites who write about life and the going-ons of this town. This is a good way to get a feel for the city overall, and especially the events that happen around town, as well as the downtown and party spots in particular. A good blog to start with is the official City of Austin blog which covers everything from events, to parks and recreation, to area reviews, as well as to discussing summer spots to check out! This is likely one of the best ways to get an idea of the vibe of this town, and also get a glimpse of what it looks like.
Austinite Tips describes themselves as "[a]n insider's guide to the best, wort, and weirdest in Austin" and overall, they live up to this claim by having a little something on almost everything going on in town. If you like interesting architecture, Creede Fitch collects pictures of renovated homes and houses in the area. Finally, if you’re just looking for things to do in town, and want to check the pulse of the nightlife and entertainment scene, 365 Things Austin will have you covered.

Of course, last but not least, you should get in touch with someone who not only lives and knows the area, but someone who is also able to guide you through the moving process. In this arena, there really is no substitute for a real person, and in particular, a real estate locator. And we wholeheartedly recommend our services at A Plus Apartment Locators! Not only is our service free of charge, but our agents work tirelessly to find the right fit, location, and needs, for you and/or your family. We are also very experienced with the area, market trends, and what would best suit your lifestyle, given your preferences. So once you know the general area you want to live in, call us, and we will do the rest by providing you with a complete list of possible options to get you moved, in the easiest and best way possible! Our local number is: 512-271-9662

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Living In Austin: Summer Fun

A Plus Apartment Locators has been successfully finding homes for Austinites for years. But something every Texan has to think about at some point in the house hunting process, is how to cope with the warm summer temperatures that grace our fine city. In our opinion, the heat ain’t all that bad, and we enjoy cooling off by going for a swim in Austin’s water holes, sipping a cold beer, or just embracing the warmth! But when we think about how to help our clients, we like to suggest places that offer amenities or nearby recreational spots that can make life wonderful, even when the thermostat is rising.

Hawaiian Falls - North East
A wonderful way to stay cool and enjoy some time outside is to check out a water park. Hawaiian Falls is a full scale waterpark located in Pflugerville just north and west of Austin. It’s a great destination for cooling off in the water, hitting some slides, and floating around the lazy river. This a wonderful family friendly park, but it’s fun for everyone and is close enough to town to make it worth the trip. Though you can easily access this park no matter where you live in the city, we’d suggest checking out Colonial Grand at Wells Branch. This apartment community is on the north side of town and is ideally located off IH35, and is a quick drive to Hawaiian Falls. Of course, the complex also has a beautiful pool and grill area, so if you want to go for a dip without ever leaving home, then look no further!

Schlitterbahn - South
Just south of Austin, in the old German-style town of New Braunfels, you can find one of the jewels of Texas hill country: Schlitterbahn. This well established and extremely popular vacation destination has remained a Texas staple for all things water park. The resort includes slides, rides, tubing, pools and a kids area. There are also a variety of restaurants and shops in the area, not to mention the outlet mall just north of the park in San Marcos. But to get to Schlitterbahn you don’t need to take a day off or travel far. You can live in the south of Austin and drive to the water park in about 30 minutes. If you want to stay close to this fun and watery spot, our locators suggest looking at Stonegate. This complex is also located just off the 35, but is quiet and scenic with a greenbelt behind it offering wonderful views of nature. Stonegate also has two large pools, jacuzzis, and all the other amenities to help you enjoy your summer without getting too hot.

Shore Club Volente Beach - West
If you’re looking to live on the west side of Austin, but want some place to swim and stay cool during the summer, the Shore Club Volente Beach is a lakefront water park and club. If you get tired of swimming and sliding, you can also head over to the lake for some sailing or jetskiing. And none of this is far from downtown or from anything you might need or want. Other than the water, there are also some excellent apartment communities that make living easy, and oh so relaxed. For beautiful and luxurious living, but at a reasonable price, consider Aria. This gorgeous complex is a new build and has all the regular amenities, but also includes resort-like floor plans and features. Living at this place is a no brainer, and is close enough to the water that you can always go for a dip if things are getting too hot in town.

Life in Austin can get hot, but as apartment locators, we don’t mind. However, when it comes to finding you a home, we can provide a range of places and spaces that will not only meet your basic needs, but will also make life easy and fun. And there is almost no better way to do this in Texas summer than by frequenting one of the area water parks. So, get in touch with our apartment locators to find your next home! The service is free, and our agents are the best in the business. Stay cool, and give us a call at: 512-222-5383

Thursday, June 2, 2016

5 Awesome Neighborhoods To Consider In Austin Texas

One of the many reasons we love Austin is that it has something for everyone. As apartment locators who strive to find the perfect home for our clients, this makes our job easy and fun! Another reason we love what we do, is that apartment living helps the good locations become affordable. That is, the majority of apartment communities offer a variety of amenities such as a pool, gym, clubhouse, and regular maintenance which all make the cost of living very budget-friendly. But affordability isn’t always the most important factor, often it comes down to location. Overall, Austin has a lot to offer when it comes to great public schools and family friendly neighborhoods; or, if a neighborhood with more of a social climate is important to you, Austin has got that too! So, if you’re interested in knowing where some of  Austin’s great neighborhoods are located in order to start your search for that perfect apartment, keep reading!

North Austin - Great Hills
The Great Hills area delivers that secluded, quiet, and wooded neighborhood feel that you would normally get from a location further outside the city. And yet, living in this location will still allow you to have all the access and conveniences of city life as it’s ideally located close to major highways such as the 360, Mopac, and 183 all of which are just a few miles from most of the metropolitan areas. This combination thus enables easy access to work life, to major shopping centers such as the Domain and Arboretum, and it also allows for privacy and seclusion in a beautiful and scenic neighborhood that’s great for the individual who likes a peaceful environment.

Central Austin - Hyde Park
Hyde Park is a well established and eclectic neighborhood that spans from north of the University of Texas, and extends into north central Austin. Here, you will find a variety of historic houses mixed with new shops, restaurants, apartment housing, on top of the ease of access to the university and downtown area. Because of its location, there are dedicated bike lanes running down most roads and there is also regular and stable public transport. As such, many people find this neighborhood convenient to commute by foot, bike, or bus, and so this area is a favorite for university faculty, staff, and older students.

South Austin - Circle C
The Circle C neighborhood is located right off the 1 (Mopac), and is situated in the southwest area of Austin. This housing development, and the surrounding area, is fairly new and continues to grow as new residents move to Austin. The neighborhood boasts a taste of the Texas hill country while still remaining close to the city. Though Circle C was initially a master-planned community, the area now includes new apartment complexes, shopping centers, and several distinguished private and college-prep schools. For those wanting access to the south of Austin, but who are wanting more of a suburban feel, this is a great place to live!

West Austin - Westlake Hills
Westlake Hills is a beautiful and family oriented neighborhood community, located west of downtown with close access to Austin’s parks, watering holes and outdoor amenities such as Barton Creek, the Greenbelt and Zilker Park. Their public school district is rated one of the best in Austin and parents with older children especially, love the area for that reason. Although the average rental price is higher than other locations in  Austin, there are still affordable options.

East Austin - East 7th Street
In the last few years, the East side of 7th street has seen an emergence of growth and revival as the downtown area has continued to build, renovate, and expand. Located just north and east of historic 6th street, this area has become one of the hottest new areas for young professionals. As new tech companies roll into Austin, this area has matched the hip and trendy crowd who like to live near the downtown hub for work and play. East 7th has ongoing building projects for new housing and apartment complexes, while new restaurants, bars, and shops also continue to spring up. The area continues to hold its past influence of Texan culture and blends new with old in a nice twist that makes for a fun and lively feel.

We hope this quick rundown of 5 awesome neighborhoods that Austin has to offer helps you on your quest to finding the perfect location for you! If you are currently looking for an a apartment to call home but are having difficulty finding something that fits your needs, location and budget, we would love to help! A Plus Apartments has been leading the way in apartment locating for almost 20 years! Our apartment locators are the best and our locating service is free! Call 512 231 1400 today!