Monday, May 16, 2016

Things To Do In North Austin When Moving Apartments With Kids

Moving apartments with young children can be a stressful time, not only for parents, but for children as well. There are a million and one things to juggle, and plan ahead for, in a short amount of time that children can oftentimes get overlooked during the moving process. This can cause anxiety and behavior problems that make the work load even harder to handle. As apartment locators, we help many families find apartments. From long experience, we have come to realize that one way to have a better moving experience is to consciously cut off the day at a certain time, and to go do something relaxing and enjoyable for a few hours. Doing so will break up the monotony and stress of moving, and allow you to mentally recharge. Below, we have put together a list of family friendly activities in North Austin that you can enjoy as a family, when moving apartments with kids.  

Chaparral Ice Center
Open all year round Chaparral Ice Center offers public skating hours 7 days a week. Admission is $6 and skate rentals are $4, however skate rentals are free with kids under five, Monday - Friday. They offer lessons and open skate hours. Dress warm as it can get cold! 2525 West Anderson Lane, Austin Texas, 78757.

Dart Bowl

Dart Bowl offers food, bowling, and a video arcade at budget friendly prices. Sunday’s at 9am until noon, they run a special of $1.50 games! 5700 Grover Ave, Austin Texas, 78756.

Twisted Root Burger

Twisted Root Burgers does specialty burgers, shakes and fries, with minimal wait time, kids menu, full bar and reasonable prices. Plus, free putt-putt mini golf to enjoy before, or after, your meal! Open from 11am to 10pm. 7211 Burnet Rd, Austin Texas, 78757.

Central Market

Central Market North has dozens of fresh and ready to eat food options to choose from! They have a hot food line, sandwich, sushi, soup and salad bars, plus a cafe where you can order off a menu or get a beer or a glass of wine. Prices start as low as $5. Parents and kids love the large patio and seating area outside and the multiple playscapes. 4001 North Lamar Blvd, Austin Texas, 78756.

K1 Speed
K1 Speed is an indoor Go Kart racing establishment, they have food and drink options available at their local cafe. Pricing for the races is a bit more expensive, starting at $19.99. There are height regulations for the kids to drive the GoKarts so this would be an option for older kids only. Open 7 days a week! 2500 McHale Ct, Austin Texas, 78758

Mount Bonnell
Mount Bonnell is one of Austin's many natural parks. It has plenty of parking, short walking and biking trails, picnic spots and great views. Open 7 days a week 5am - 10pm. 3800 Mt. Bonnell Rd. Austin Texas, 78731

PlayLand Skate Center

PlayLand Skate Center is a skating rink with family friendly music, awesome lights, skating games and fog machine. Prices vary throughout the week, but start as low as $6 per admission. There is a local cafe inside with snacks and food options. 8822 McCann Dr. Austin Texas, 78757

We hope you found these ideas of family-friendly spots in North/Central Austin helpful for enjoying yourself when moving apartments with kids. If you are currently looking for an apartment for you and your family to call home, we would love to help! Our apartment locators are experts on the Austin apartment market and we answer phones 7 days a week. Call 512 231 1400 today!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Apartment Locator

An apartment locator can save you loads of time. Specific criteria for your future home might take you days to find on Google search but is available to an apartment locator in a matter of minutes. Plus, you are working with someone that already has an extensive knowledge of the city and the apartment market. So, think of an apartment locator as your guide, someone ready to answer your questions and assist you on the hunt for the perfect home. Of course, the catch is to ask the right questions. The ones we list below will ensure that you are getting the most out of your apartment locator partnership.

1. Ask About The Best Time To Look

Believe it or not, getting the best options and pricing in your search for an apartment can come down to timing. Apartments have seasons, as many other markets do. So, you can increase your chances of finding what you’re looking for, or for the price you want, simply by looking during the right time of year. This might mean waiting to rent until the low season, when there is more vacancy and availability and so prices are lower, or getting a short term lease until that point; but it can be worth it in the long term. If you can’t wait, then you still shouldn’t just leave it at that. Be proactive by asking your apartment locator about the best days of the week to look and even the best times of day.

2.Ask About New Construction

Austin is currently experiencing a building boom according to Zillow. New apartment units are going up and getting filled fast. As a way to get renters in the door, owners and managers make room for negotiation on prices or they offer move-in specials and deals if you sign your lease quickly. An apartment locator will know about all of  this, and will oftentimes talk to the apartment complex about pricing for you or they can suggest places that are offering deals for newly built complexes or apartments.

3. Ask About Specials and Incentives

Even if the apartment complex you are looking at isn’t brand new, oftentimes there can still be move-in specials or incentives for signing the lease within a certain amount of time. Remember how we said your apartment locator is your guide? Well you can also think of him or her as your negotiator. Don’t be afraid to negotiate for the price that is right for you--within reason of course.

4. Ask About Future Rent Increases

Always bear in mind that move-in specials and incentives are just that, perks given to first time move-ins. So, make sure you have a clear understanding of what the rent will be set at once your lease is up, if you were to resign. Apartments can set their rates to whatever the market looks like at the time, which means you can usually expect to see a price increase, however small. But knowing in advance what to expect, in regards to how much they might raise it per year will help you to budget and plan ahead.

We hope you found this advice helpful when it comes to working with an apartment locator and getting the most out of their help! If you or someone you know is looking for an apartment to call home we would love to help with that too! Our experienced apartment locators answer phones 7 days a week and are the best in Austin! Our locating service is free, call 512 231 1400 today!