Monday, January 25, 2016

No Closet? No Problem! Affordable Options For Small Spaces

There are some great aspects to apartment living: affordability, easy access to city life, and great locations next to good schools and jobs, are all pros that are hard to resist. Sometimes though, the trade-off can mean putting up with fewer conveniences, such as a lack in closet space. If you are currently in this situation, check out the list below. We put together some affordable options that can help you with this problem, all while making your home look stylish.

Clothing Rack - Folding Commercial Garment Rack - $69.99
Hanging Clothes Bar - Chrome Hanging Clothes Rod - $2.55
Single Mounted Shelf - LACK Wall Shelf, Birch Effect - $19.00
Freestanding Wardrobe - Aneboda Wardrobe - $99.99

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We hope you found these tips helpful to setting up a closet space in your apartment. A Plus Apartment Locators has been helping Austin find apartments to call home for almost 20 years. If you or someone you know is currently looking for a new apartment to call home, A Plus would love to help! Our locating service is free of charge. Call 512 231 1400 today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Renting An Apartment With No Washer And Dryer Hookups

When it comes to renting an apartment, most of us realize very quickly that we can’t have it all. Oftentimes, the list of smaller “essentials” that you started out with become the things that you decide you can live without in favor of bigger factors, such as location and budget. One such smaller essential is having a washer and dryer in your own apartment. At first glance , it can seem as if living without one would be a deal breaker. But this doesn’t need to be the case. So if you are currently living in, or will be moving into, a rental that has no washer and dryer hookup, then keep reading! We put together some great tips that will help life become easier for you, and might also help you to keep your sanity.

Keep Your Dirty Laundry Organized - Dirty laundry will quickly pile up if you don’t have a laundry room to keep it organized. A great tip that will prevent chaos in this department is to have laundry baskets set up around the apartment. Place them in the areas where you are most likely to take off your dirty clothes, like the bathroom, bedroom, or closet. This way, you can be sure the laundry won’t stack up into piles on the floor.This option holds up to two loads of laundry, has a side pocket for soap, and is extremely easy to transport.

The Right Laundromat For You - Finding the right laundromat for you will require some pre-planning. The area of town, distance you will need to travel, and online reviews of the place are great ways to consider what works best for you. For example, a laundromat in an area of town that has a cafe, post office, or department store in walking distance, gives you the option of getting other errands done while your laundry washes and dries.

Laundry Day, Or A Load A Day - There are two ways you can get your laundry done, some people like to do a load every day, or every other day, so that it doesn’t pile up. On the other hand, some people like to take a whole day and do several loads at once. Whatever you do, be consistent, make a schedule, and stick to it. There is nothing worse than having no clean clothes to wear!

Soaking Container and Drying Clothing Rack - It’s always a good idea to have some backup options just in case you run into a dirty clothes emergency. If you have a baby, school age children, or if you spill something on your clothes that you want to get out right away, then you will want to consider the following. A soaking container with an air tight lid is a perfect way to pre-soak your clothes with stain remover that you can then wash them out later in the bathtub. This drying clothes rack can then be used as a drying system.

We hope you found these tips helpful to getting your laundry taken care of without too much stress when you are renting an apartment with no washer and dryer hookup. If you are currently looking for a new apartment to call home, A Plus apartment locators would love to help with that too! Our experienced locators answer phones 7 days and have been helping people to find apartments to call home in Austin for the last 20 years. Our locating service is free of charge, call today at 512 231 1400!