Friday, December 4, 2015

East Riverside Construction At An All Time High

The end of the summer marked the fastest growing quarter for new construction in Austin this year. Roughly 30% of the total number of units currently awaiting permits were added over the third quarter alone. Add that to the 8 new projects that also broke ground over the summer, and we can see that the apartment sector is growing at a tremendous speed.

East Riverside has been one of the hot-spots for this new construction, with developers following the “East Riverside Corridor Master Plan” that was set in place in early 2010. This plan is being implemented with the goal to encourage new construction in all areas, including new units, transportation, restaurants, and shopping centers.

The South Shore District has brought much of this to life already. The ground floor of the apartment building, a building that holds over 500 living units, is dedicated to new restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, and more.  

Though East Riverside has seen a good amount of high end units break ground on the market over the last year, one property development in particular stands out from  the rest: the Lenox Boardwalk. This property is currently in development and is unique because it will offer 17 apartments at below market rates for low income families. This is the first of its kind among newly constructed apartment buildings in the area.

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