Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Organize your Entryway for under $100

Living in an apartment can be challenging when it comes to space. Before you know it, papers have stacked up, shoes are piled by the front door, and you’ve lost your keys somewhere in the clutter. Our solution? Get a setup for your entry way where everything has a place! Below, we list three options to help you get organized and make your life easier.

Cubical storage bench - This bench doubles as a seat and a storage device for shoes. Place it by the entryway of your apartment and you’ve got a spot for your shoes, as well as a place to put them on. This beautiful bench comes in three different colors. Dark cherry is our favorite.

Entryway shelf and hooks - This shelf comes with hooks underneath for your keys and coats. You can place picture frames on a small basket on the shelf for more storage, and it comes in three different colors to match the style of your apartment.

Wall mounted postcard basket - This basket has five slots for organizing different sized papers, and it also has the option to be mounted on the wall. The entrance of your home is an ideal place to put mail, as you can put it in a spot that you won’t forget about, and it won’t reach the table or counter to clutter things up. 

Check out our Pinterest board here on interior design ideas for small entry ways!

We hope you found these suggestions useful to help your apartment stay organized and clutter free. If you are currently looking for an apartment within a certain area and budget, one of our apartment locators can make the search process fast and easy for you. And, our service is free of charge. Call today at 512 231 1400.