Monday, September 21, 2015

Three Points You'll Want To Consider When Choosing A Roommate

There are a lot of great reasons to rent an apartment; location, price, and amenities are fabulous selling points. Add a roommate into the mix and you’ve got a pretty affordable situation that allows you to save money or even just live on a frugal budget. Given Austin’s rising cost of living, having a roommate makes more sense now than ever.

But finding the right roommate isn’t as easy as inviting your friends or family to come live with you. Even though most of us would prefer to live with someone we know, living with someone new doesn’t have to be all bad. Here are several points you should consider first, in order to figure out who would be the best fit for you. Trust us, this could save you a lot of time, heartache and money.

1. Financial stability - The top of our list is making sure your person of choice, or whoever you are considering to fill the spot, has a steady job and is able to uphold their part of the rent and bills, on time! There is nothing worse than depending on someone and having them flake out on you, leaving you with full financial responsibility and possibly even ruining your credit!

2. Habits - Personal habits are no joke, if someone is the complete opposite of you in the ways of hygiene and cleanliness you might find that it gets on your nerves during the hours you spend at home. Or even that you are the one that ends up cleaning up after their mess!

3. Lifestyle - If your potential roommate has a different set of life goals, or less responsibilities than you, this could mean a certain kind of lifestyle, such as late nights, loud music, and friends over every weekend. You might have an easier time choosing someone that has similar life goals and lifestyle to you. 

If you're looking for an apartment with enough room to split costs with a roommate or two, give us a call at 512 231 1400. We would love to get you set up and the best part is that it comes at no cost to you!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Top 5 Races You Should Know About

October is fast approaching and if you’re anything like us, the thought of Fall weather brings pumpkin spiced lattes, evenings on the patio, and trendy fashions to mind. Turns out though, October is also a great month to get involved in something active as well! Austin holds several city run/races that are fun, family-friendly, and for good causes.

We thought we would make it easy for ourselves, and you by compiling the list below.

October 10th - Crowns Of Hope 5K
This run is not just for adults, kids of all ages are welcome too, so make it a family event! You can walk, run or do both. Crowns Of Hope holds this event every year to help trafficking survivors get back on their feet.

October 24th - Austin Halloween Half Marathon and 5K
What something big to shoot for? Sign up for the half marathon or the 5K, bring the kids to support you from the sidelines, and afterwards enjoy live music, breakfast, and family-friendly activities.

October 24th - The ZERO Prostate Cancer Run/Walk 5K
This run/walk is for the whole family to enjoy and helps support a great cause. The proceeds help provide research for new treatments, free prostate cancer testing, and helps educate men and family about prostate cancer.

October 30th - Running The Rock 5K and Kids 1K
Come for a walk/run in your Halloween costume and enjoy the many activities that include, but are not limited to, face painting, bouncy houses, costume contests, pumpkin carving, and a pumpkin patch! The funds raised for this event will go towards helping support four different non profit organizations!

October 31st - Blacklight Run - 3 miles
All ages are welcome, whether you want to walk or run, you will get “glowed”. This run takes place in the evening, with cool weather and lots of fun to boot! Definitely an experience you won’t forget!

Are you a runner looking for a place in Austin to call home just in time for these outdoor Fall activities? Contact us at 512 231 1400 and let us help you get set up for free!

Friday, September 4, 2015

7 Ways To Decorate Your Walls

Apartment living can sometimes mean smaller living spaces, low ceilings, and/or layouts that can be hard to work with when it comes to picking out furniture and decor. When your place is small, it’s easy to wonder how decorating can make much of a difference. You might find yourself asking ‘what’s the point?’

The good news is that regardless of a limited floor plan and space, one thing universal to all homes no matter the size…..are walls! Using walls to add a decorating style that is unique to you can actually be a lot of fun. 
It doesn’t matter if you’ve lived in your apartment for awhile, or just moved in. Here are some ideas that you can get started on at any time, which we guarantee will make your house feel more like a home!

1. Add a fresh coat of paint! The quickest way to add your personal mark to your living space is to paint your walls anything other than the regular shade of ‘off white’ that they will most likely come in. Using the brighter spectrum of neutral colors can actually give the illusion that your home has more light than it actually does.

2. Paint an accent wall. If you aren’t feeling up to the amount of work that it would take to repaint your entire place, a simpler solution would be to just paint one wall. Pick a wall that you want to be more visually striking from the rest, and then paint it all one solid color of your choosing. If you’re the DIY kind, this should only take an afternoon. But even if you’re pressed for time, consider outsourcing the task through Task Rabbit or other tech service platforms.

Check out our ‘Time To Paint!’ Pintrest board for a few ideas on using bold paint colors.

For 1, 2, or 3, make sure you check with your landlord before you paint! Many property managers don’t allow you to paint the walls. If that’s the case…

4. Make your own gallery wall. This can be a beautiful and simple way to create a story. Add pictures to frames of your travels, spouse, kids, family, pets, your children’s artwork, or favorite quotes and paintings. A rule of thumb is to either have all your frames be different shapes, or all one shape.

5.Set up a collection of mirrors. This is the same concept as the gallery wall mentioned above, except you use mirrors of all different shapes and sizes. This can also give the illusion that your place has more natural light to it.3. Add a mural. Know any friends that are artists? Or, want to give it a try yourself? Add a painting of a tree, a design, or whatever goes a-long with the theme you are trying to create. You can find stencil patterns online. Print them out, cut out the designs, and then just fill in the blanks!

6. Hang maps. If you have a love for travel this can be a perfect way to show it off creatively. Or this can simply remind you of the places you would love to go, or the places you have already been!

7. Set up floating bookshelves. If you happen to collect books on any topic; whether it’s fiction, cooking, yoga, best sellers, philosophy, or whatever hobby or interest you have, why not hang them on individual shelves on your wall? If you really want to make things look aesthetically pleasing , you can them them according to color.

Finding an apartment with the flexibility and layout to fit your personal style doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our apartment locators know all the apartments that will let you paint, hang your TV, and give you the wall space you need to personalize! Call us today at 512-231-1400 to get your Austin apartment search underway!