Friday, April 3, 2015

Quick Ways to Make a New Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving is exciting, but at first it can feel weird and unsettling to be in a new place.  Good Housekeeping has some tips for making your new place feel like home quickly.

Although it may seem to make the most sense to set up the living room first, unpack and organize your closet first. That way you will be ready to greet the day and not have to hunt for your clothing the first day in your new place.
Moving can be especially difficult for children, so if you have them, focus on getting their rooms set up first so they can feel at home and be comforted by their familiar belongings.

Pick sights or sounds that were regular in your old home and find a way to replicate them in your new apartment.  Also, wait to hang art until you're sure where you want it, but go ahead and unwrap it and set it up leaning against the walls so you can enjoy seeing your treasured collection while you mull over where it belongs.

Establish your routine by creating a landing strip or mudroom to put all your keys, coats, and bags as soon as you enter your new home.  If you can, use the same system you used at your old place to make it easy to pick up where you left off.

Fill one box with your favorite items and make sure it's easy to get to as soon as you arrive.  Maybe it's music and candles so you can play the music that makes you happy and enjoy scents that calm you as soon as you arrive.  

Set up your bed with clean linens so your first night in a new home can be enjoyed in your cozy bed.  Also, make your home smell great from the get go by cooking a great meal your first night in rather than ordering pizza. Cooking your new#apartment kitchen breaks it in and makes it yours.

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