Friday, January 30, 2015

Top Property Management Trends in 2015

Trulia rounds up the top property management trends for 2015.  The information can be enlightening for renters and property managers alike.

Rent is on an upward trend, increasing an average of 6.2% from 2013 to 2014.  The reason is that Millennials are getting better paying jobs, which means they can now strike out and rent an apartment on their own rather than living with their parents.  Rent may be at an all-time high, but with a lot of new construction set to be available this year, rent may be leveling out in 2015.

Mobile Searches for properties are high among millennials, who are never without their phones.  So property managers need to make sure their websites are mobile-friendly and easily accessible through a mobile interface or they may lose out on the tech-heavy millennial market.

People are moving less, although Millennials still move twice as much as the rest of the market.  So it's important for property managers to focus on the segment of the population that is moving, and that's those 18-34 year olds.  Make sure your property caters to their needs.  Also, make sure your current residents are happy so you can retain the people already there since replacing them is going to become more difficult with less mobility in the market.

The last trend is that phone calls are the most important way to reach potential renters.  77% of future renters call potential properties before taking any other steps.  So as a property manager, your goal should be to get them to schedule an appointment, which makes them 3 times as likely to sign a lease.

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Friday, January 23, 2015

Vintage Furniture Stores in Austin

Austin still has a good number of vintage furniture stores, although as the popularity of vintage has grown, there's less selection and it's more expensive.  We've created a round-up of some of Austin's best vintage furniture and accessories shops so you can find that perfect treasure for your apartment.

Room Service Vintage is the quintessential Austin vintage shop.  They have furniture, lighting, home decor, and clothing, plus the odd unidentifiable knick-knack.  Best of all, their prices won't give you sticker shock.  Selection is constantly changing, so if you see something, nab it, and go by regularly to see what's come through the door.

Going vintage at Uptown Modern won't save you any money, but they have iconic mid-century modern pieces restored to like new condition.  It's worth checking them out just for the sheer beauty, but you'll likely have to save for a while to afford one of their amazing credenzas, chairs, wall units and more by THE designers of the 1940's, 50's, 60's, and 70's.  

Off The Wall is on South Congress and has furniture, antiques, art, gifts, and just really bizarre things you won't find anywhere else.  

While you're on South Congress, be sure to check out Uncommon Objects.  This assemblage of 24 antique sellers all under one roof will keep you entertained for hours, even if you don't find anything you have to take home.  (Although, odds are, you will.)

Austin Antique Mall has 30,000 square feet of different dealers selling just about anything you can imagine.  The style runs the gamut, from shabby chic, to grandma chic, to mid-century modern and everything in-between!  Plus, they're right next to Playland Skate Center, so you can stir up some vintage memories of knocking them dead on 4 wheels at the skating rink!

Need help finding a new apartment to house all your treasures in?  Give A Plus Apartments a call today at 512-231-1400.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Google Fiber Plans and How to Get Google Fiber in Your Apartment

Google Fiber is coming to Austin, but how do you know if your apartment community will get it?  How do you request it?  How does it even work?  Read on for the answers to all your burning questions about the fastest internet available.

First of all, to find out whether your apartment will be receiving Google Fiber, you can type in the name or street address on Google Fiber's site.  If your apartment isn't listed, take the survey to let your property manager know anonymously that you want Google Fiber.  Reach out to your neighbors and ask them to request it as well.  Google is putting service in first in the places with the highest demand.

How does Google Fiber work?  How much does it cost?  There are three plans you can choose from depending on what you are looking for:  Gigabit + TV, Gigabit Internet, and Basic Internet. 

Gigabit + TV will cost $130 per month plus taxes and fees.  There is no construction fee with a one year commitment.  This plan gives you up to 1 gigabit (1,000 Mbps) upload and download speed, over 150 television channels, including HD, and 1 TB of cloud storage across Gmail, Drive, and Google+ Photos.  In addition, you will get one included TV Box which includes a DVR, and a Network Box.  Up to six TV boxes can be added for $5 per month per box. 

Don't need TV?  Check out the Gigabit Internet plan, which is $70 per month plus taxes and fees and waves the $300 construction fee with a one year commitment.  Internet speed is up to one gigabit (1,000 Mbps) upload and download speed, you get 1 TB of storage across Gmail, Drive, and Google+ Photos, and you get a Network Box.  

The last plan provides Basic Internet for $0/month + taxes and fees but requires a one time $300 construction fee which can be paid up front or at $25 per month for 12 months.  Internet speed with this plan is up to 5 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload speed.  The Network Box is included and free service is guaranteed for at least 7 years per address.  

Looking for an apartment with Google Fiber?  Give A Plus Apartments a call today at 512-231-1400 and make sure to let us know that's a must on your wish list!

Friday, January 9, 2015

Fun Ways to Get in Shape in Austin

Is your New Year's Resolution to get in shape?  Looking for an alternative to the fitness center at your apartment complex?  Check out these unusual ways to get your fit on in Austin!

When you go to the Circus, do you find yourself eyeing the trapeze artists and wishing you could do that?  Check out Sky Candy!  Located in East Austin, Sky Candy offers over 60 classes a week in the aerial and circus arts, as well as open studio, private lessons, workshops, aerial showcases and more!  Strengthen your core, arms, legs, and gluteus muscles while defying gravity!

Pure Barre has studios in Westlake, the Arboretum, and Lakeway and offers a full body workout concentrating on hips, thighs, bottom, abs and arms.  This low-impact workout uses the Ballet barre to burn calories and create long, lean muscles without adding bulk.  Plus it's fun!

Looking to make a complete change in your life and have a supportive community helping you with not only workouts, but food too?  Check out Kor180.  Located in the heart of Austin on West 5th near Mopac, Kor180 has a beautifully designed studio full of local art and has an in-house natural foods chef in addition to Ryde and Pilates classes with custom-built reformers for Pilates.  

Tapestry Dance has classes for all ages!  Have fun and learn to Belly Dance, be a Ballerina, Flamenco, Jazz, Tap, and more.  Just about any style of dance you can think of, you can learn it at Tapestry!  Have so much fun you won't even notice you're burning calories.

Looking to find an apartment near unique workout options?  Give A Plus Apartments a call today at 512-231-1400!