Thursday, October 30, 2014

An Abundance of Apartment Construction May Lead to Rent Relief

Austin's apartment market is still super hot, but with nearly 18,000 units under construction, rents could start to cool off soon.  It could also mean the return of incentives to get renters into apartments, as the Austin Business Journal reports.

The large number of apartments that will be flooding the market in the next two quarters, which are usually slow for the apartment business, will create some market competition leading to price adjustments, concessions, and locator incentives.

Market analysts are especially concerned about the 8,000 units that are going to begin construction in the next 180 days.

The most expensive sub-market in town is Austin's Central Business District with rent averaging $2.46 per square foot.  That's expected to go even higher when The Bowie opens, where rent is more than $9,100 a month for 3 bedroom units.  448 square foot studios start at $1,545 per month.

Occupancy rates are currently at 94.8 percent, down a percentage point from a year ago.  Average rent is up to $1,070, compared to $1,007 in 2013 and rental rates are $1.26 per square foot versus $1.18 last year.  

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Making More Space in a Tiny Kitchen

Just because you have a tiny kitchen in your apartment doesn't mean that you can't cook comfortably.  Apartment Therapy's tips for making the most out of a small kitchen will have you going gourmet no matter how diminutive your space!

Store things like baking sheets and cooling racks in your oven.  Just be sure you take them out before you start baking!
Put hooks everywhere!  By the sink for towels, on the side of your island for things like strainers and oven mitts, anywhere you can hang something.

Don't have a pantry?  No problem!  Use a wardrobe or cabinet and turn that into your pantry.  If you need more storage, get freestanding objects like baking racks or moveable islands to store stuff and provide additional counter space. You can take it with you when you move.

When deciding where to home items, put them where you use them. For example, putting all your dishes near your dishwasher allows you to unload clean dishes without a lot of wasted movement.

Have space on top of your cabinets?  Use it to store items that don't fit in your cabinets like stockpots.  You can always use a chair or stool to retrieve them.

Another must for small kitchens is to clean as you are cooking.  Otherwise, you wind up with a kitchen full of dirty cooking utensils and nowhere to work.

Finally, don't be afraid to use your bathtub to store dirty dishes in until after guests leave. Just pull the curtain and you can clean up later!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Temporary Decorating Ideas for a Rental

Just because you rent doesn't meant you can't make some big changes to your space.  Check out Apartment Therapy's round up of easy decor ideas for a rental that you can take with you.

Change out the showerhead so you can get a shower with the amount of water pressure you want, not whatever the landlord installed 10 years ago.

Hang pegboard in the kitchen to put pots, pans, utensils and more on.  Try painting it for even more impact, and when you move, it's easy to take down and move to the next space. 

Temporary wallpaper is a great way to make a huge impact but get your deposit back.

If you hate the builder grade light fixture in your apartment, go ahead and change it out for one you love.  Just remember to keep the old one so you can replace it when you move.

Finally, trade out the kitchen knobs for some that make a big impact.  Just make sure your old hardware's easily accessible for when it's time to move on to the next apartment.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How to Settle Into a New City

Recent Austin transplant?  Maybe you don't know a soul in town, but that's okay, you won't be a stranger for long with Apartment Therapy's tips for settling into a new city.

First of all, say yes to every invitation that comes your way.  You are not going to build friendships, or find romantic partners, without leaving your house.  So go to any event that someone invites you to.

Ask friends and family if they know people in your new city, and ask to be introduced to them.  Look through your social media contacts and find out who lives in your new town.

Join organized groups, whether it be sports groups or volunteering at a nonprofit. Even if you don't have a hobby, start one and get out there to find new friends!

For at least the first 6 months you live in your new city, live somewhere that feels comfortable to you.  That might mean spending a little more to live in an apartment in a neighborhood you feel safe in, or living with a friend or relative until you get acclimated.  

Give it at least a year before you give up.  You're guaranteed to get discouraged and feel like you made a mistake from time-to-time, but don't make any drastic decisions until you've given it at least a year.

Finally, don't forget your friends in your old city.  Call and visit often.

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Friday, October 3, 2014

5 Little Things That Give your Decor Wow

Sometimes it just takes one little thing to make your apartment stand out from the pack.  Check out Apartment Therapy's tips for small things that have a lot of impact.

A unique paint job, like painting a wall one bold color or even in a unique pattern will make your home unique.  Also, using multiples of one object makes it more interesting than using just one, whether it be rugs, tchokes or something else.  

Go big by investing in a large statement piece that will really wow visitors.  Spending a lot on one oversized piece of art or furniture often makes a bigger impact than a lot of smaller objects.

Bring the outdoors in with greenery to make your space look and feel fresh and calm.  If you are afraid you'll kill household plants (or your room doesn't get enough light), use fresh cut flowers.

Just because an object is supposed to be one thing doesn't mean you can't use it for something else!  Thinking creatively will help you come with decorations that are unusual and unique.

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