Monday, September 29, 2014

Feng Shui

In decorating, Feng shui is an often used phrase.  Not sure how to Feng Shui your #apartment?  Check out's tips! 

The simplest way to explain Feng shui is that it is a way of decorating your home that will "create a vibrant feeling of joy and harmony."  Your goal in feng shui is to make your environment have the best energy for whatever activities will take place in your space.

Your first step will be to get rid of your clutter.  This allows the "old energy" to be cleared out so you can create a strong energy foundation.  After you've decluttered, you need to ensure your space has good quality air and light, which are absolutely necessary for good Chi.

Next, you need to make an energy map of your home, or bagua.  This will be the guide to what colors you use in which rooms, what pictures you should use in your home, and where your furniture should be placed to have the best energy flow.

Now it's time to determine what colors should be used in which rooms.  Each color represents one of the five feng shui elements:  fire, earth, metal, water and wood.  You will use your bagua to determine which elements should be in which area, which will then guide you to what colors to paint your walls, cover your furniture and to use for your decorative items.

Next you need to determine what good feng shui items your home needs.  Perhaps you already own them, or you may need to purchase a fountain, which will bring you money, or some lucky bamboo to be sure that you stay healthy.  Other items that may be missing from your new feng shui home is a statue or picture of Buddha to make sure you have harmony and spiritual growth or crystals to protect you, provide you with clarity or to make sure your love life stays on the up and up.

Lastly, you will need to decide how and where to place these decor items so they can fulfill their promise as powerful feng shui cures. has the complete and rather complex instructions on how to make sure you correctly execute each step of your Feng Shui home decorating odyssey for the best Chi in town!

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Tips for Renting with Pets

Renting an apartment that will allow your dog can require a little more work, but it's definitely doable.  Even if a landlord has had bad experiences in the past with a tenant's dog, you have a chance to show them what a responsible pet owner looks like. gives you the lowdown on renting with a dog.

If you already own a dog and need to rent, be sure to mention your pet to potential landlords right off the bat.  There is no use wasting your time with buildings that don't allow pets if you already have one.  Once you think you've found the perfect place for you AND your dog, go over the pet policy portion of your lease with a fine toothed comb.  Make sure you know all about pet deposits, cleaning fees and any restrictions that exist on the size of your pet.

If you are already renting and decide you want to get a dog, check your lease to be sure pets are permitted.  Even if the lease doesn't allow pets, you might approach your landlord and ask, you never know.  If your landlord gives the go ahead, make sure to get more details.  What is the weight or size limit?  Are puppies allowed?  How much is the deposit and any additional monthly fees?  What are the rules about where a dog can be walked on the grounds of the apartments, leash-free areas, etc?  If your landlord says no, either don't get a dog or move to a rental that allows them.  Never try to hide your dog, both you and your dog are likely to wind up homeless!

Finally, if you do get a dog, make sure to be a responsible pet owner.  Don't leave your dog home alone for long periods of time so they start barking and destroying your house.  Clean up after your dog when they go outside and only let them off-leash in designated areas.  If your dog does tend to ruin your furniture and home when you leave them alone, crate training can save your belongings and  your deposit.

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Friday, September 5, 2014

Asking Noisy Neighbors to Quiet Down

Noisy Neighbors can be a nightmare for anyone, but especially for apartment dwellers.  Shared walls, ceilings and floors can cause turn what might be a mere nuisance into a real hardship, especially if it affects your sleep or ability to live comfortably in your apartment. has some tips on how to approach a noisy neighbor about turning it down.

First, talk to your neighbor.  Begin your statement with "I'm not sure you're aware", giving the neighbor the benefit of the doubt as to whether they realize they're being noisy or not.  Then briefly state the specific noise that is bothering you, when it occurs, and ask if they could please turn down the music/stop the dog from barking/stop holding parties until 3am.  Be sure to also ask your neighbor to let you know if any noise that comes from your apartment is bothering them and volunteer to change your behavior.

If your neighbor behaves in a hostile or threatening manner, call the police the next time the noise occurs.  But if they simply do not comply with your request, draft a letter detailing when the noise occurs, including dates if it's something like a party.  Give the letter to your neighbor with a copy of any noise ordinances that may exist in your complex, HOA or city.  Nicely ask your neighbor to comply with these ordinances, and state that you will report them to the local authorities if they do not.

If your neighbor doesn't comply with your letter, report them to the HOA, complex or landlord and the local police if necessary.  Enlist neighbors who may also be bothered by the noise for support.  Make sure to record all requests and instances of noise in case you need to take your loud neighbor to court and present a history of the behavior.  Thankfully, most times neighbors will curb their behavior when they know the police will be called if they keep it up.

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