Monday, July 28, 2014

High Rents Have Austinites Feeling the Pinch

I was recently interviewed by Time Warner Cable News about Austin's rising rental rates and how it could affect both residents and businesses.

In my nine years as an apartment locator, I have never seen rent this high.  $1,043 is the average rent for a one bedroom in town, and despite the fact that more apartments are being built, it's unlikely we'll see a drop in rent anytime soon because communities are brand new and able to ask for high prices and get them.  

In order to find apartments that fit their budget, apartment hunters are looking in suburbs like Cedar Park and Leander, but unfortunately, those suburbs don't have very many apartments to choose from and the ones they have are so new, they are still leased at a premium.  

My advice to my clients who are looking to find affordable apartments is to search in the Fall or Winter.  Another option is to get a roommate so your share of the rent will be smaller.

The Austin Chamber of Commerce is also concerned about the fact that Austin is becoming such an expensive city.  The high cost of property can drive businesses to more affordable cities, as has happened with National Instruments, who announced last week they were going to move 100 Austin jobs overseas.  

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Fit a Home Office Into a Small Apartment

You can have a home office even in a small apartment.  Apartment has seven ways you can fit a home office into your living room.

Use your end table as a home office by organizing your office supplies into decorative boxes and then placing them on a shelving unit that you use as a side table.  Make sure to leave some space on the top so you can work on it!  Another option is to place your workspace on in a bookcase unit with adjustable shelves.  You can even use curtains or a panel on rails to hide your office when it's not in use.

Your living room office could also be a  table located behind your couch.  This is a great place to keep your laptop and pay bills.  Using a chair or stool that can tuck completely under the desk will maximize your available space.  Want to have your home office "out of sight, out of mind"?  Place a partition such as a screen, shutters or a curtain in front of your desk area.

If you live in a two-story townhome or loft, the area under an open staircase is a perfect spot to tuck a diminutive workspace and some shelves.  Armoires, hutches or secretary desks are perfect for housing a home office that you can close up when it's quitting time.  Lastly, if you have a closet that isn't needed, this can be a great place to tuck a workspace.

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Building Boom in Central Austin

I was interviewed this week by Time Warner Cable News about the apartment building boom taking place in Central Austin.

I spoke about the fact that people are leasing apartments in the new complexes being built on North Lamar and Burnet Road before they are even completed.  Demand is so great that the only way to get an apartment is to pre-lease before construction is finished.

The area has seen rental rates increase from $900 a month to $1,100 a month for a one bedroom in recent years.  The area is popular in large part because of the MetroRail.  Residents can get on the train at Crestview station and be downtown in just a few minutes.  Apartments in this area are as nice as those downtown, but much more affordable.

The city will be undertaking an 18 month long study of the area along Burnet Road and Anderson Lane beginning in the fall to find out what area residents want for their neighborhood.  

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Make a Move Without Losing Stuff

These moving tips from will help you maintain your sanity when you are facing the daunting task of packing up your entire life and relocating it.  Whether it's how to keep track of what's in which box, or how to best pack it, read on to keep organized AND make sure you can find your favorite sweater when you get to your new apartment!

First off, make a list of everything that you are moving and which box you put it in.  Using your computer or a spiral-bound notebook, make a list of numbers with space to write the specific contents of every box.  You will then put the  number on the corresponding box.  That way when you get to your new home you can easily find the things you need.  Keep that master list in a central location along with all of your packing supplies so you don't lose it.

Another tip is to designate a color for each room in your new house.  You'll put one colored sticker on each box near the number and one in your new house on the door to the corresponding room.  That way your movers will know what boxes go in each room.  You also can go a step further and put a note on the wall of your new room marking where you want boxes stacked to keep them out of furniture and people's way. 

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How Rental Costs are Determined

Rental costs are based on several factors. The Texas Apartment Association breaks down how your landlord determines what you will pay to live at their property. 

Location is a big component.  More desireable locations will cost more because there is a large pool of people who want to live there.  The costs of doing business vary between areas and affect what the landlord will have to charge for an apartment.  The price tag attached to operating the property, what features and amenities are offered at the apartment complex, and the size and specific features of your actual apartment all factor into your monthly bottom line.

There are no rent control laws in Texas, which means that landlords are free to charge what they choose for their properties and you are free to accept the rates or find another home. One of the advantages of using an apartment locator is that you can tell your agent what your price range is and they can easily find you properties in your range. There's no need to waste your time at properties that don't fit into your budget.

When looking for your new apartment home, make sure to factor in other costs associating with renting such as moving expenses, buying furniture for your unit, and utilities charges if they are not included in your monthly rent.

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