Friday, May 30, 2014

Roommate Etiquette: Paying Bills

Don't get stuck holding the bills each month with your roomies.  wikiHow has smart tips on #SplittingBills with roommates so you can avoid fighting over paying the necessaries.

Discuss payment obligations around every aspect of your relationship, including rent, utilities, groceries and any maintenance fees and costs.  Come to an agreement on how the cable or satellite bill will be paid.  If one of you doesn't watch television, are they still required to pay?  If not, what happens if that roommate gets sucked in by the tv and winds up watching it too?

What about the thermostat?  If one of you hates to be cold and will continually turn up the heat, should they be required to pay more?  What if one of you works from home and is in the apartment all day?  That roommate will be using more utilities so a case could be made for them paying a larger share of the bill.

If one of you has a significant other that is often at the apartment, should they have to contribute?  What if one of you goes on vacation, will they still be required to pay the bills while they are out of town?

Once you've decided the split of bills, decide who will pay what and how that person will be reimbursed.  Also decide what happens if one roommate is late or doesn't pay?  Is there a short grace period or will you charge your roommate a penalty if they don't pay?  What if they never pay, will they be forced to move out?

Finally, draw up a contract putting all the details in writing so you don't have to get into a "he said/she said" situation.  Then make sure to track your expenses so it's always clear where you stand.  Open communication is the best way to make sure there are no hard feelings between roommates on bill paying.

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Friday, May 23, 2014

Masking Roommate Noise

Got a #LoudRoommate?  Check out eHow's article on drowning out loud roommates and make your #apartment a quiet zone once again!

Use white noise.  If shutting your door isn't enough, try a fan, a white noise machine, or a cd that plays relaxing noises like a waterfall and put it right next to your bed. You can also download a white noise app on your phone and use that.

Buy noise-canceling earplugs to block out all extra noise so you can sleep in silence.  When you're awake, you can use headphones to listen to your own music, but be careful not to turn the music up so loud that you damage your hearing.

Use soundproofing curtains in front of windows, door frames and shared walls.  This will absorb some of the sound coming from the other parts of your apartment.

Don't just suffer in silence, though.  Talk to your roommate about how loud they are being and how it is affecting you.  You just might be able to get them to be quiet.

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sharing a Clothes with your Roommate

#SharingClothes with a roommate can be a great way to double your wardrobe, but it can also cause a lot of tension in your #apartment if you don't set some rules. offers advice for how to share clothes with a roomie while keeping everyone happy.

The first rule of sharing a closet?  Make sure your roommate is okay with it!  Always ask first and if she declares some things off limits, respect her wishes.

If you guys do agree to share clothes with one another, borrow one thing at a time and always put it back where you found it, in the condition in which you found it (aka clean).  Don't ever loan things to other people and treat your roommate's belongings even more nicely than you would your own stuff.

A great way to make sure things are easy to find for both parties is to keep everything organized.  Use jewelry and scarf organizers, and separate clothes by type so they can be found quickly and easily.

Don't ever wear clothes that you could stretch out because you and your roommate have different body types.  But don't fret if you and your roomie don't wear the same size.  Accessories can still be shared!

Finally, don't wear her clothing where you know it's going to get ruined, like a party.  Respect your roommate's stuff and you can both enjoy a fashionable existence for the whole term of your lease!

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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sharing a Bathroom with Roommates

#SharingABathroom with your roommate can be difficult.  Apartment Therapy has some tips for how to handle sharing an #apartment bathroom so you don't have to fight over doing your business.

First of all, communicate with your roommate about when you need to get in the bathroom.  Don't wait until they're taking a shower you deem "too long" and get angry because you're going to be late because you just need to put in your contacts or use the facilities and leave.  

Schedule your use of the bathroom.  If you're fortunate enough that one of you can use the bathroom at night and the other in the morning, then perfect!  Otherwise, you need to discuss how you will both have time to get ready.

Some housekeeping tips:  always clean the drain after you take a shower and change the toilet paper roll if it's empty. 
 Buy more if you're out, don't always wait for your roommie to do it.  Also, schedule a weekly cleaning where you both always pitch in and help.  Be aware that if have a higher standard for what is clean, you'll probably be doing more work.  Accept it and move on.

Let your roommate know if you have a special situation where you have to take your shower at a different time than usual or need more time to get ready for something special like a job interview or date.

Put your stuff away when you're done using it, but go easy on your roommate if they are in a hurry and don't put away their blowdryer.  If it happens often, go ahead and have a discussion, but wait until you've calmed down and can be rational.

Be sure you've got something fragrancy, like matches, a candle or air freshner, for those situations where a smell diffuser is called for.

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Friday, May 2, 2014

Roommate Etiquette: Decorating Decisions

If you are sharing your #apartment with a roommate, you'll have to decorate your new pad together.  Even if your decorating styles don't mesh perfectly, you can make a cohesive home with advice from William  Keep in mind you can always decorate your room in your own personal style, so let the common areas be a place of compromise.

You and your roommate will need to discuss what furniture each of you is bringing to the apartment and then you'll need to put any pieces you aren't using in storage or perhaps in a sympathetic family member's garage.  If the furniture doesn't match in style, utilize sofa covers, fabric and other decorations to make them look more cohesive.

Talk about color schemes and try to find out what your roommate likes in decor.  Then find a way to meet in the middle and collaborate on decorating your place.  Compromising will make your relationship even stronger.  If you just can't agree, divvy up rooms, i.e. one of you takes the kitchen and the other takes the living room.

After you've got a sense of what you need for your place, go shopping for furnishings together.  You'll get a good sense of your roommate's taste and you can show them what you like.  Seeing things in person will likely spark some things you have in common.  It's also a great way to get to know each other better!

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