Monday, March 31, 2014

Austin Rentals the Most Expensive in Texas

Austin is the most expensive city to be a renter in Texas, according to a study from the National Low Income Housing Coalition.  On average, a two bedroom apartment costs $1,074 in Austin, compared to $913 in Dallas and $926 in Houston.

I was interviewed for KVUE's article on the subject.  Rent has been on the rise in Austin and will continue to rise as competition gets even stronger.  With 100 people moving to Austin on a daily basis, it's unlikely that new construction can keep up with demand.

Rents continue to rise and a lot of long-time Austinites aren't seeing their salaries increase enough to keep up.  Many are having to move into an older apartment, a smaller apartment, or an apartment in a different part of town to make rent affordable.

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Monday, March 24, 2014

Co-Ed Roommates: Can It Work?

Although once thought taboo, living with a roommate of the opposite gender is something most people wouldn't bat an eye at these days.  However, there are certain ground rules to set and pitfalls to avoid so your #apartment doesn't turn into a war zone.  Global Post.comshares what you need to think about and discuss with your potential opposite sex roommate to make sure life is peaceful in your new home.

There is a phenomenon psychologists have observed where when friends of opposite genders are in close proximity with one another, they often become attracted to one another.  This doesn't mean you are going to become romantically involved or that you even want to.  Watch out for this "revelation of possibility" and be conscious of intimate touches or flirting that could end in an unwanted romantic relationship.  A good guideline is if the behavior wouldn't feel acceptable in public or in front of a romantic partner, it's dangerous.

If either or both roommate is in a relationship, the significant other(s) may not be enthusiastic about their loved ones living together.  Call a meeting with all parties to reassure your girlfriend/boyfriend that there isn't a danger of the two of you becoming romantically involved.  Also discuss how often each of you can bring home dates.

Set rules for modesty.  You may think it's perfectly fine to traipse around in next-to-nothing, but it can make your roommate feel uncomfortable.  Go ahead and set expectations of what is appropriate so no one is offended later.

Don't fall into stereotypes like the woman cleans and the man fixes stuff.  Share household chores equally just as you would with another roommate of the same gender.  Also, don't become emotionally dependent on your roommate, letting them stand in for a love interest.  Open communication about all parts of the relationship are key to avoid hurt feelings.

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Friday, March 14, 2014

Psychology of Roommates

Curious about what result living with a roommate can have on you?  The New York Times reports on the body of research on how your #apartment mate can affect you, from research done on first year college roommates.

With female roomies, if one roommate is heavier than the other, the thinner roommate tends to gain less weight on average than those with a thinner roommate.  The reason is that four out of five overweight roommates are on a diet and these habits rub off on the thinner roomie.

In male roommate pairs, if one roommate is depressed, the other roomie may become more unhappy themselves.  This tends to happen when the depressed student doesn't express his feelings.  It doesn't mean that the non-depressed roommate will develop depression, however.  There is no such transference between roommates if they are female.

If one roommate brings a video game console to college, it will lower the other roommates grades because they will study an average of half an hour less than those without a video game console in their room.  These leads to grade averages that average 0.2 lower than students without gaming consoles.

If a non-drinker rooms with a drinker, they are more likely to become a drinker as well, leading to lowered grades.  On the positive side, if roommates are of different races, this leads to increased tolerance for people of other races and diversity in their friend pool.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Roommate Etiquette on Guests

If you share your #apartment with another person, it's important to have rules in place regarding guests.  You may be dealing with this right now, with SXSW upon us! has some guidelines for what you should discuss before you invite someone to come stay with you.

First of all, make sure you let your roommate know you will be having guests as far in advance as possible.  If you have a guest drop in out of the blue, call or text your roommate before they come home so they'll know in advance.

Make it clear to your guests what is okay to borrow or use and what is absolutely off limits.  If your guest uses your roommate's stuff without asking, it is your job to fix it.  

Set a limit for how long a guest can stay, one that is agreeable to your roommate as well.  Also, make sure that the person who comes and visits you leaves things exactly as they found them.  Being a good guest includes cleaning up after yourself, and if your guest doesn't hold up their end of the bargain, you need to clean up after them immediately.

Set how often guests can visit.  It can be draining for your roomie if they constantly have to be on their best behavior because you are always having guests.  Guests should be an exception, not the rule, unless both inhabitants agree on operating as a hotel to out-of-town visitors.

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