Saturday, May 5, 2012

Shea has more money than Leffingwell

Shea has more money than Leffingwell in her campaign chest, thanks to the fact that she loaned her campaign $65,000 of her own money, reports.  As the candidates head into the last week of the contest, Brigid Shea has about $30,000 more remaining in her war chest than incumbent mayor Lee Leffingwell.

Leffingwell was able to raise more than three times what Shea raised since the fall when the campaign began.  Leffingwell has collected more than $59,000 from supporters since early April and still has $54,387.  Shea only raised $30,854 during the same time period, but because of her loans, she still has $84,551 left to spend.

Austin City Council candidates are only allowed to raise $350 per person, an amount many local political experts say is not enough to run for a citywide contest.  Supporters are also allowed to solicit donations on a candidates behalf, which is called bundling.  Shea and others are against this bundling because they say it serves as a way for lobbyists and employees of big firms to have an unfair advantage for their causes with city council members.

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