Wednesday, November 9, 2011


When living in an apartment, it is important to consider your neighbors when entertaining. Now that the wonderful holiday season is upon us, it is a great time to think about neighbor-friendly entertaining!

Keeping the party inside your apartment, and not spreading out into the hallways, will keep the noise level down. This also ensures you do not get in the way of the neighbors.

Consider the noise level inside too. Don't play overly loud music, or keep a noisy crowd going too late into the night, especially on a work night.

Listen to the neighbors and comply if they are complaining. If you consider their point of view, you will understand why they are complaining. Complying with their request, or compromising if possible, will keep your relationship friendly.

Invite them! If you are having a family event, this might not be an option. But they will appreciate you letting them know in advance about the party and inviting them when appropriate.

*List compiled with use of website article.