Thursday, December 30, 2010

Pack Your Apartment Right!

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One good way to save money is to avoid paying movers. Depending on the scale of your apartment, movers could cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. While you almost certainly won't be able to avoid renting a moving truck, you can pack your things and load and unload yourself. The following are a variety of recommendations on the correct way to pack when you are relocating to a new apartment.
How to Pack Household furniture:
Take apart furniture if possible and cover up
Wrap table legs individually
Set down cushioning between your pieces of furniture and the floor of the moving truck
Place tables together with legs assembled top down on flooring with legs up
Stack seating seat to seat
Packing Dishes:
Make use of special "dishpak" packing containers
Wrap dinner plates, saucers, and bowls separately using quite a few sheets of paper each
Begin from the corner, covering diagonally, frequently tucking in edges
After covering individually, encapsulate 4-6 pieces in a bundle with a dual layer of newspapers
Place cushioning material in bottom of carton
Place flat, larger items such as platters, plates on bottom
Set bundled items in a carton in a line on edge.
Encircle each bundle with crushed newspaper, being mindful to leave no bare spots.
Mugs and glassware must be covered in a double covering of newspaper and inserted upside down on rims in a line on an upper layer inside the container with all the handles facing the same direction.
Packing Clothing:
Shoes may remain in shoe boxes and placed into sizeable packages.
Or, wrap each shoe one at a time, and then in pairs.
Shoes should be cushioned to prevent harm occurring to high heals or ornaments.
Don't store heavy items on shoes.
Clothing can remain on coat hangers and transported in clothes cartons.
Light and portable clothing such as hose, lingerie and sweaters may remain inside dresser drawers.
Table lamps:
Remove the bulb.
Wrap the bottom, harp and light bulb separately in newsprint, and place alongside one another in a box, filling up spaces with crushed newspaper.
Do not ever cover the shade in newspaper.
Carefully cover each shade in 3-4 sheets of fresh tissue papers, a pillow case or large lightweight hand towel.
Pictures and Glass:
Make use of a standard picture package or cover both sides of the picture with cardboard.
Place packaging paper along the side panels and ends of the picture to prevent it from moving inside the container.
Insert no more than 3 or 4 pictures in one container.
Have the box right side up at all times.
What NOT to Pack:
Warmth from sunlight can raise temperatures inside a closed moving van to more than 150 degrees. Even in the middle of winter, heat accumulates inside. A lot of common products, including aerosol hairspray or cleaning products, can set off an explosion or fire that can destroy your belongings when packed inside a van.
For your personal safety, make sure that no member of your family packs these items in a container to be moved in the back of the moving truck. Replacing a can of hairspray is easier than replacing all of your belongings.
We would like you to have a satisfying move. With regard to the safety of your belongings, evaluate the list below and get rid of all dangerous products before packing:
Cleaning solutions
Shaving lotion
Spray starch
Spray paint
Oil-based paints
Muriatic acid
Auto batteries
Propane in tanks*
Tar residue cleaner
Oxygen in tanks
Paint thinners
Lighter fluid
Lacquer remover
Mineral spirits
Chlorine granules or powder
Any other type of combustible